How to Hard Reset Samsung S5, S6 Note 4, Note 5 and other Samsung Devices

Here's step by step on how to hard reset a Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, S6 Edge, Note 2, Note 3, Note 4, note 5, s6 Edge, s6 Plus This might work on other devices. Please note that a hard reset should only be used when every other attempt to reset your phone has failed. Be sure to backup all of your personal data before proceeding. When To Perform a Hard Reset A hard reset might come in handy if your phone has experienced consistent slowdowns or crashes, or if you can no longer remember your lock screen pattern. Hard resets are recommended before selling or trading in your smartphone, as all personal data and settings will be wiped. If you had a google or Samsung account attached to the device

How to add a new User Account in Windows 7

To create a new user account, follow the below steps : Click the Start button , then click Control Panel Under the User Accounts and Family Safety category, click on Add or remove user accounts The Manage Accounts window will open, where all the created accounts are displayed, click on Create a new account The Create New Account window will open, here you will need to type a name for the new user account and select a type for it, either standard or as an administrator. There are three types of accounts. Each type gives users a different level of control over the computer: Standard accounts are for everyday computing. Administrator accounts provide the most control over a computer, and shoul

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