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Professionally Installed Security Cameras Packages for the Home & Small Business

SECURITY CAMERAS provide a great deterrent to theft and burglary, many home owners are using it to gather evidence against anti-social behavior which is happening in many areas of Colorado

Families have SECURITY CAMERAS as an important part of the protection of their home and lifestyle – protecting themselves from intrusion.

SECURITY CAMERAS work well against theft and burglary, high profile and visible cameras can reduce crime significantly.

Record continuously on a standalone Digital Video Recorder

Giving you peace of mind that any activity in and around your home is being recorded.

Infra-red Night Vision 

O systems use IR night vision to record images from completely pitch black areas of your house, such as alleyways and yards.

View on your Android, iPhone/iPad 

We can set your Security Camera System to be viewed on your Smart Phone 

Security Camera Installation

All of our CCTV Installation packages include:

  • Site walk-through for optimum camera placement

  • Routing of cables from cameras to power points and back to the DVR

  • The installation of CCTV kit/system or individual components as needed

  • Configuration of DVR system

  • Demonstration of basic system operation

  • Where appropriate - one device ( smartphone or tablet) will be configured for remote CCTV viewing


Cameras: HD Indoor-Outdoor cameras with Night Vision

Your Choice of 1080p, 2K and 4K UHD Resolution


DVR: HD, Attach up 4, 8 or 16 Cameras, ( Depending on the package ) HDMI port, VGA port, Ethernet port for internet connection


Power Supply, Cabling & Complete Installation ( up to 60ft is the standard, more will be provided if needed )


Ideal for Home or Small Business


View on PC, Mac, Android/Apple Tablet or Mobile While On The Go on your

Remotely view on multiple devices
from anywhere in the world

Remote viewing is an excellent feature in today's modern day CCTV, where you can remotely access live and recorded footage as well as control most functions of the DVR from anywhere in the world via the Internet on Windows, Android and IOS Devices. It requires us to link the DVR to your Internet router via a LAN cable ( if you are planning on having your DVR away from your router/modem, a long Ethernet cord, Wifi extender or powerline adaptors can be provided for an extra charge. Please let us know when ordering ) 

Special Requirements

Most Installations don't usually have any special requirements, however give us a call if you have any extra requirements such as 

  • Extra long VGA/HDMI cables to connect the DVR to a monitor in another room,

  • HDMI splitter

  • Monitor Wall mount 

  • Extension Cords

  • Cameras mounting on poles 

  • Ladders longer that 20ft

  • Access equipment to reach heights above 25ft

  • Our standard cables run 65ft

  • Add wireless capability to DVR

  • Any digging work or any other special requirement.


We are able to accommodate most special requirements however we will need to review if there will be any extra costs involved before the time of booking. It is essential for a healthy relationship between us the company and you the client that we are on the same page from day one.

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