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T-Mobile Blocked/Blacklist?

Buying a pre-owned device can save you a lot of money but be careful when you do so there's a few things to consider before you go out and buy one.

Let's say that you found a beautiful T-Mobile phone😍 at a really good price, first ask some questions like why are you selling it? Why so cheap? is it yours? Can I get the IMEI number? Can we meet at the store? After you asked this questions and more that might come up to your mind to make you feel more comfortable buying it, always buy or sell at a public place and make sure the phone works and of course that you like the phone.

If you got the IMEI when you were asking the questions you can check the IMEI number on link link HERE TO CHECK YOUR IMEI ( T-MOBILE Only ) if you have the phone in your hands go to settings to find the IMEI or you can use the keypad to find it using the code *#06#

With the IMEI click here then enter it and do the "I'm not a robot thing" which will show right after you click on verify.

Remember red means that the phone is blacklisted it could be for different reasons including unpaid balance, reported lost or stolen, under contract to name a few, so if you see red letters on top don't buy it.

After checking The Phone and checking the IMEI that came up blacklisted you decide to buy the phone there's a way to get the phone off of the Blacklist

If you wish to buy the service from us for $39.99 click HERE or if you need more info to help you decide click HERE

PLEASE HAVE IN MIND THAT THE IMEI WILL BE CLEAR AND ONE TO TWO DAYS, so if you are not willing to wait don't buy this service

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