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How to activate Windows 10

Chances are Windows 10 is already activated on your system, as the product key is requested during the installation procedure. To check this on your PC press the Windows key then select Settings> Update & Security> Activation. In the main panel you’ll see details about the version of Windows you’re running, and whether it’s active or not. If the message reads Windows is activated then you don’t need to do anything at all.

To activate Windows 10

Press the Windows key and type "activation" or

Select Settings> Update & Security > Activation

Once you are there Click Change Product Key

Enter the 25 character product key

Click activate

If you typed a valid key and typed it correctly you'll get window telling you that Windows is activated and that's it, you're good to go

If you need a product key you can contact OTech MCS HERE

you can also buy it here for $50

or if you get service or buy a computer from OTech and need an extra key it'll be $30


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