Do not be fooled by rogue and fake Anti Virus programs. Although these applications are bug bears, it is likely that you do not have any such infections, or if you do, this is not the right tool to clean them.

We are hearing more and more stories regarding calls from foreign countries claiming that YOU have a virus and only a Microsoft Certified Engineer can clean it. This is purely FRAUD and do not fall for it! Although we are sure you do have some sort of infections on your pc, it is likely that these are not as bad as the telephone assistant is claiming and they are simply going to take your money for doing NOTHING! The event logs they are referring to and the errors contained in them are completely NORMAL on any computer.

Here at OTech MCS, we have even had calls saying that we have infections and only the telephone operator can clean them, despite us telling them we work on computers.

OTech MCS invests a lot of time into researching such Malware infections, and we always have the latest engineer tools available to clean your system fast and effectively.

Although we can come to you to clean these, the process is a lengthy one to perform a complete and profesional job and is almost like writing a blank cheque. For this reason, we have decided to provide it as an in house fixed price service. The average cleaning routine time varies per system and how heavily infected, please CALL OTECH MCS AT 720-364-4599 for more information

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